Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

UEFA club finals postponed

Coronavirus cancelling the Champions League and European League leaving the vision of a new start more like a hope

Liverpool vs Atl. Madrid 2:3 AET – Great predictions with wrong final score

The match between Liverpool and Atl. Madrid from 11/03/2020 was a great proof of how the predictions and final results are 2 separate entities. The full time result was 1-0 and for those of you betting on Liverpool win can smile

Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético

Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético. For the rematch, Klopp was confident enough to say: Welcome to Anfield

Man City’s 2 year ban could cause a serious damage for many years

Imagine you are a young player with high potential. Would you want to slow down your career?

Huge dominance of English football clubs – 2019 throwback (Videos)

2019 was a dream year for the English football clubs, when Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal dominated the most important European leagues

Once in a decade match – Liverpool vs. FC Barcelona (Video)

For many football fans was the Liverpool – Barcelona match something you can call once in a lifetime. We are now sharing the most emotional moments that deserve to be watched all over, again and again.