Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Will The Toffees cause any troubles to the Reds? Everton vs Liverpool match preview

Everton is really strong at home making great results against big names and the home win odds offer a value over 30%

The Hillsborough tragedy (Video)

We will never forget…

6 Players leaving Liverpool this summer

Transfer rumors on Liverpool’s winning team for 2020

Employees of Liverpool will not lose a penny

Many football authorities and fans are not considering the steps taken by Liverpool as immoral or unfair but rather rational

Liverpool vs Atl. Madrid 2:3 AET – Great predictions with wrong final score

The match between Liverpool and Atl. Madrid from 11/03/2020 was a great proof of how the predictions and final results are 2 separate entities. The full time result was 1-0 and for those of you betting on Liverpool win can smile

Liverpool vs West Ham 3:2 – The Irons tougher than expected (Video)

No matter the 70% ball possession of Liverpool, West Ham was a tough opponent and deserves recognition

Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético

Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético. For the rematch, Klopp was confident enough to say: Welcome to Anfield

List of Liverpool’s possible history-making records in 2019/2020

List of Liverpool’s possible history-making records in the season 2019/2020

Huge dominance of English football clubs – 2019 throwback (Videos)

2019 was a dream year for the English football clubs, when Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal dominated the most important European leagues

Liverpool making history (Video)

On February 24th some history is about to be made. Liverpool can stretch the all time record held by Manchester City (Season 2011/2012) from 20 consecutive home wins to 21