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Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético

The fun was basically over in the 4th minute, when Saúl Excalpez scored the only goal of the match. Not even the crashing 73% ball possession of the Reds made a difference. During the full 90 minutes was Liverpool not able to shot on target. The Reds failed to manage a single shot on target for only the second time in 251 games under Klopp. This is a good proof, that Simeone is a great tactician and it is very difficult to score goals against Atlético.

Some experts were speculating that Liverpool got fooled by the poor results, but the point is that football results are just a matter of chance. The best team doesn’t always win and this was the case of the match.

Now the question is: What is going to happen on Anfield? The fixture is going to be tough one but Klopp was confident enough to say “Welcome to Anfield”.

Liverpool surprisingly lost to Atlético. For the rematch, Klopp was confident enough to say: Welcome to Anfield

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