Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

It was easier than expected for the Citizens: Manchester City vs Arsenal match analysis

Based on the last results we really expected much more from The Gunners

The Clarets not the pick of punters: Manchester City vs Burnley match preview

Looking at the volumes of bets at the bookie it is sofar 100% of punters who placed their bets on home win of Manchester City

Manchester City vs Arsenal football prediction and match analysis (June 17, 2020)

Odds for the home win of Manchester City are basically the same as our prediction. We see some value in the under 2,5 goals market since our football prediction suggests lower odds

Man City’s 2 year ban could cause a serious damage for many years

Imagine you are a young player with high potential. Would you want to slow down your career?

Huge dominance of English football clubs – 2019 throwback (Videos)

2019 was a dream year for the English football clubs, when Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal dominated the most important European leagues