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Huge dominance of English football clubs – 2019 throwback (Videos)

2019 was indeed a huge success for English football clubs on the International scene. First of all there was the most valued European league – the Champions League, where 4 out of 8 quarterfinal teams were from the EPL.

Inevitable was the early good bye of one of them, since Tottenham “crossed the swords” with City and in a dramatic clash Chelsea ended up taking the final victory.



As Barcelona did not reach up the form of Atletico, the comeback of the century was about to happen in the semifinal clash between Barca and Liverpool.



At the same time, in the all deciding match between United and Ajax we have seen some real drama. First Ajax took the lead 2-0, but Spurs have shown the team spirit and the nerve wrecking finish they scored 3 goals taking the victory and place in the final.



In a rather tactical final match between Liverpool and Spurs, the English football could have been celebrated in one way or another.



Then there was the FIFA Club World Cup, where Liverpool took on the Brazilian team Flamengo RJ. In an even clash, Liverpool confirmed the prime in the overtime. The 1-0 victory was the great end of the international scene for Liverpool in 2019.



UEFA Europa League was another spot of dominance of English clubs. A tough one for Chelsea against the German team from [team 366], where in a nerve wrecking penalty shoot out, [team 18] took the ticket to the league final.



Much more dominant was the clash between [team 19] and [team 214], where The Gunners took the convincing victory.



As the semifinal gave a taste about the form of both finalists, Chelsea took the title with a dominant 4-1 victory.



As far as my memory goes, I don’t recall any year when 4 clubs from the same land dominated the European leagues in such a way. Please correct me on this one in the comments. This is however good proof that the Premier League in the season 2019 was simply the best league in the World.

And what is the year 2020 going to look like? We hope to see a similar scenario.

2019 was a dream year for the English football clubs, when Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal dominated the most important European leagues

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