Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

When will the English Premier League resume the season play?

There is a lots of turbulence as the situation is changing rapidly. Cancelling the season is still an option

Axel Disasi from French Stade de Reims will most likely join Arsenal

There is a lot to be fixed in Arsenal and getting fresh blood into the squad is indeed where the things should start

How much earn the highest paid football managers

Get prepared for some surprising leagues, names and numbers

Employees of Liverpool will not lose a penny

Many football authorities and fans are not considering the steps taken by Liverpool as immoral or unfair but rather rational

Chelsea signed a long-term contract with 18-year-old Tino Anjorin

Thinking about the future even now is a good signal

Football players from Sweden threatened with death

The recent situation is forcing some bookmakers to list not common sports and leagues. This leads to attempts to fix the results

How is it really with football in Belarus

Show some mercy and stop the league – was the message from the Belorussian Premier League fans

Were you watching the Premier League on Saturday and Sunday?

There is only one country in the whole Europe still allowing football games

Closed-doors football games is the next step

Most of Premier League’s income comes from the TV rights and there are signed contracts that have to be adhered to. Football is a lucrative business and we should not underestimate money as the real gasoline trying to make the engine run again

Abdelhak Nouri has awoken from a coma

The 22-year-old initially suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack on the pitch during a July 2017 friendly match