Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Huge dominance of English football clubs – 2019 throwback (Videos)

2019 was a dream year for the English football clubs, when Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal dominated the most important European leagues

Leicester and Chelsea share points in the very important match (Video)

To secure the position in the top 4, Chelsea needs points and the match against Leicester was a tough one

Liverpool making history (Video)

On February 24th some history is about to be made. Liverpool can stretch the all time record held by Manchester City (Season 2011/2012) from 20 consecutive home wins to 21

Once in a decade match – Liverpool vs. FC Barcelona (Video)

For many football fans was the Liverpool – Barcelona match something you can call once in a lifetime. We are now sharing the most emotional moments that deserve to be watched all over, again and again.

We have measured how much countries love football

Can you measure love? We at Rowdie knocked on the door of Google to see how popular football really is