Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Football taking the backseat as over 100 people die in a day

The number of COVID-19 victims in the UK increased from 475 to 578. Football? What is it?

Corona crisis – Football fans will not forget

After the crisis is over many football fans will return to watch the game, but nothing will be the same again. There will remain 2 groups of famous athletes: Spoiled egocentric brats and super heroes

Hudson-Odoi from Chelsea feeling better and recovering from COVID-19

Callum Hudson-Odoi from FC Chelsea was the first infected football player in Premier League. Coronavirus in the UK goes from ignored to serious. The latest report says about 500 000 deaths if ignored

Spanish football La Liga remains suspended indefinitely

La Liga remains suspended indefinitely since there is not any optimistic outlook for the pandemics coming to a near end. La Liga estimates the total loss as high as £629,89 million

French clubs might go bankrupt due to Coronavirus

French football Ligue 1 remains cancelled at least up till June 15. Without the support from state, half of the professional clubs will have to go bankrupt within six months

How Coronavirus affected football

Beginning of March was the point when World started taking Coronavirus seriously. Most of the World’s football leagues postponed the fixtures. Here is how the scenario looks like in charts

Liverpool vs Atl. Madrid 2:3 AET – Great predictions with wrong final score

The match between Liverpool and Atl. Madrid from 11/03/2020 was a great proof of how the predictions and final results are 2 separate entities. The full time result was 1-0 and for those of you betting on Liverpool win can smile

Liverpool vs West Ham 3:2 – The Irons tougher than expected (Video)

No matter the 70% ball possession of Liverpool, West Ham was a tough opponent and deserves recognition

The complicated situation of Arsenal

While in the season 2018/2019 has Arsenal missed the top 4 by only 1 point, in the current season the hopes are as good as lost

List of Liverpool’s possible history-making records in 2019/2020

List of Liverpool’s possible history-making records in the season 2019/2020