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French clubs might go bankrupt due to Coronavirus

Bernard Caiazzo, the president of [league 301] stated the league to remain suspended due to Coronavirus till at least June 15. The pandemics in his words will have a huge financial impact on the clubs, some of them might even go bankrupt.

“I am very worried about our clubs. Without state assistance, about half of the professional clubs will have to go bankrupt within six months” quoted AFP.

“The five biggest football leagues in Europe have already lost four billion euros together, the French league is about 500 to 600 million,” added Caiazzo.

The escalating coronavirus crisis will most likely lead to a massive slow down of the World’s economy. The trend in Asia is already showing some decrease, while Europe is for now the new epicenter of the pandemics. Up till now 350,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide in 167 countries with the death toll over 15 000 people. In France, 16 255 infected people and 682 victims were registered on Monday morning.

The French highest football league has been interrupted 10 rounds before its end. At that time [team 591] was 12 points ahead of [team 44].

French football Ligue 1 remains cancelled at least up till June 15. Without the support from state, half of the professional clubs will have to go bankrupt within six months

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