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How much earn the highest paid football managers

The money earned by the World’s best football players often make the headlines. For example Lionel Messi as the highest paid football player in the world makes over 130 million per year, including his advertisement income.

Not many of us however know that the best football team managers earn fortune themselves. Looking at the best teams in the recent football world, we might have some clue about the names, but what about the amounts?

We have prepared a list of the World’s top 15 football managers and their salaries. The charts show only the managers having an active contract, this is not the all time charts.

Name League Football Club Salary
[coach 452946] [league 564] [team 7980] £35.5m
[coach 455384] [league 384] [team 2930] £26.4m
[coach 455361] [league 8] [team 9] £23.7m
[coach 455353] [league 8] [team 8] £21.1m
[coach 455375] [league 8] [team 6] £20.2m
[coach 407775] [league 564] [team 3468] £20.2m
[coach 128419] [league 989] [team 5852] £12.3m
[coach 455387] [league 989] [team 7742] £11.4m
[coach 455800] [league 8] [team 13] £10.5m
[coach 455926] [league 384] [team 625] £10.3m
[coach 9938631] [league 989] [team 5751] £8.8m
[coach 896460] [league 8] [team 42] £8m
[coach 523937] [league 301] [team 591] £7.5m
[coach 524307] [league 8] [team 14] £7.3m
[coach 523953] [league 989] [team 3370] £7m

The majority of teams with the highest salaries of managers we see from the English Premier League followed surprisingly by China, Spain, Italy and France. We do not see in the charts any German club from German [league 82].

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