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Were you watching the Premier League on Saturday and Sunday?

It hardly ever gets any attention, but now the Belarus [league 199] as the only active European league gets a lot of it. Not because of the quality but rather because of the high risk of Coronavirus spread. Up till today the official number says about 94 confirmed corona cases with no registered deaths, but just like in many authoritative regimes the numbers might be much higher.

In some of the stadiums the attendance reached slightly over 2 900 fans and with such a huge crowd concentration you can consider one infected person a biological bomb. There were scheduled the following fixtures:

  • [fixture 12021272]
  • [fixture 12021271]
  • [fixture 12021268]
  • [fixture 12021270]

Looking at football scores today, there is really not much to see. Another action was still going on in Angola and their [league 815] league. The reports about Coronavirus spread in this African country confirmed 7 people and 2 deaths. These numbers are indeed questionable since there is not much information going out of the country.

There is only one country in the whole Europe still allowing football games

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