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When will the English Premier League resume the season play?

Big News: Premier League returns June 17 and it looks solid now.

Do you remember the last match of the recent [league 8] season? It was the [team 42] who beat [team 15] by 4:0 (details including predictions at [fixture 11867510]). Then it was supposed to be a short – maybe 2 weeks break, that turned into 2 months not only without football, but also without any information about when the Premier League is supposed to resume. Only on Monday, May 18 all Premier League clubs voted to return to “small group” training on Tuesday.

But when does the action start?

The latest information says about mid June. There is however a lot of turbulence as the situation is changing rapidly. For now there are more dates in play. The most optimistic was June 12, but more realistic seem the June 19 or June 26 – giving the players a better preparation window.

The exact date has not yet been set and there is still a relatively high chance of cancelling the season completely. We hear many players complaining about the high risk and they have a point. Football is a sport full of contacts and in the case of one positive case, the virus will spread rapidly. As many players reason in their complaints, it is not them they worry about, but their close ones such as kids, partners or parents.

What about the pandemics in recent days?

The numbers in the UK are showing some promising future, but the fight is far from over. There are still 2000 – 4000 new daily cases and over 300 corona related daily deaths. There are countries with better numbers that are not pushing so hard to resume their football league with one good argument. “Football is just a game not worth letting our close ones die for.”


There is a lots of turbulence as the situation is changing rapidly. Cancelling the season is still an option

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