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UEFA club finals postponed

UEFA has officially postponed the [league 2] and [league 5] finals and has not set new dates yet. The European Football Governing Body has announced that the European Cup final as well as the [league 1419] final are postponed.

Initially, some of the most watched sports events of the year were scheduled to take place in May 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the football calendar changes from day to day.

The final match had a new date set on June 24 and 27, but recently UEFA acknowledged that it was most likely unrealistic. The European Clubs Association is even considering cancelling the finals altogether. In the light of the recent coronavirus pandemics spread, the steps were expected and the only question was “When is the announcement going to be made”. The statement came on March 23 via Twitter.

Coronavirus cancelling the Champions League and European League leaving the vision of a new start more like a hope

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