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FC Barcelona’s record breaking €1 billion in turnover cancelled by COVID-19

Instead of that is is the football giant going to count losses

Inter Milan cutting wages

Inter Milan is the second club in the Italian football series A, which agrees to reduce the salaries of players and the head coach due to the pandemic coronavirus.

First professional football club going bankrupt due to Coronavirus

Being on position number 2, the seven-times league title holder goes bankrupt and the team in June 2020 will no more exist

Were you watching the Premier League on Saturday and Sunday?

There is only one country in the whole Europe still allowing football games

Doping checks in Canada on hold

Athletes continue to be subject to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program during this time

British bookmakers take zero tolerance approach towards corona related marketing

Last week the UKGC released COVID-19 recommendations for gambling operators about how to behave and relate during the coronavirus outbreak

Only 14-year-old boy from the Atlético Madrid Academy died

Some have been infected with coronavirus, others have had other diseases. It is a great injustice. As of today, our flag will be pulled halfway to Christian and all athletes who have left us in the past few weeks

First confirmed corona case in Australian A-League

Coronavirus reached even the Australian football A-League with the first confirmed case. The player is showing mild symptoms

Closed-doors football games is the next step

Most of Premier League’s income comes from the TV rights and there are signed contracts that have to be adhered to. Football is a lucrative business and we should not underestimate money as the real gasoline trying to make the engine run again

Italian football legend tests positive for coronavirus

We don’t know anything about the actual state of Paolo Maldini