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Inter Milan cutting wages

Inter is after champions from Juventus the second team of Serie A cutting the wages of players hoping to save up to 90 millions till June. Football in Serie A is just like the whole country expected to suffer the most and longest from all European countries and the only competition in suffering might be the Spanish football.

According to information from the Italian media, there is nothing like a collective percentage of subtraction but each player will independently agree on the following months. The reduction will also apply to the head coach Antonio Conte.

Italy is recently seeing some better numbers in new corona cases, the pandemics is however the highest in Europe and the second highest in the entire world. Yesterday we “only” saw 4 050 new cases, which is around 2000 less than the last day’s average. The number of deaths however still reached 812, which is a sadly stable number. In any case the new start of the Serie A is still far away.

Inter Milan is the second club in the Italian football series A, which agrees to reduce the salaries of players and the head coach due to the pandemic coronavirus.

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