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First confirmed corona case in Australian A-League

Not counting countries such as Nepal, Australian [league 1356] was the last one to suspend the games due to the coronavirus. Less than a week later, there was the first case of a new coronavirus confirmed in the league.

A positive test was given to the unnamed player of the [team 557] team, who was prevented from checking in before an international flight. Recently the team played against [team 1238] and even the second team in the table – the [team 315]. Now the A-League is suspended until at least 22 April.

“He is all right, not showing any serious symptoms. He is in isolation with his family, the rest of the team doesn’t have to quarantine.” said Club’s Managing Director Lawrie McKinn according to AP.

As visible on the map, in Australia, there are almost 3,400 cases of COVID-19 and 13 confirmed deaths. Worldwide we have reached almost 600 000 cases of COVID-19  with almost 28 300 deaths.

Coronavirus reached even the Australian football A-League with the first confirmed case. The player is showing mild symptoms

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