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First professional football club going bankrupt due to Coronavirus

The first report of a professional club going bankrupt occurred today March 20. This means nothing less than the end of the club. Many would expect that could happen to some insignificant club from some low league far in Asia or Africa, but the opposite is true. We are talking about MSK Zilina from the highest Slovakian football league.

Most of us don’t know much about Slovakia and even less know anything about Slovakian highest football league. MŠK Žilina is a seven-times winner of Slovakia league and is far from being average, since the actual table we see it on a position number 2. On Friday the club owner gave his players 2 options.

  1. Salary cut of core players. All of the players have shown the willingness to give up part of their money, but obviously not that much.
  2. Second option was bankruptcy. As the team owners came with the suggestion of 80% salary cut, all players refused and scenario B became real.

What followed was a notice delivered to 15 top A-Team players and the actual process of bankruptcy has been started Today.

Being on position number 2, the seven-times league title holder goes bankrupt and the team in June 2020 will no more exist

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