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FC Barcelona’s record breaking €1 billion in turnover cancelled by COVID-19

Expectations were huge and they were about to come true. FC Barcelona for the first time in history was supposed to cross the magic line of 1 bilion euro in turnover. In the case you don’t know what the number looks like, here it is – €1 000 000 000. Today we know the number remains a theory.

“We are a football club with one of the highest turnovers in the world. The true however is, that we will not be able to achieve the expected turnover of 1.05 billion. We were still awaiting record in February” agency AP quoted President Josep Bartomeu on Monday.

The prediction came one day after the club and players (including Messi) agreed to cut their salaries by an incredible 70 percent. This way the club will save over 15 million euros each month.

“We have no income from admission, TV rights, shops, services, museums. It is a noticeable loss, so we had to cut the salaries of both players and employees. This is the only way to reduce the loss. We had a continuous 10-day dialogue with the players.” added Bartomeu.

The coronavirus crisis in Spain is speeding up with 7 846 new cases registered on Monday 30, adding to a total of 94 417 total registered cases. There was also a new record of deaths set on this day reaching 913. In this light is football taking the back seat in Spain with no positive outlook for the upcoming months.


Instead of that is is the football giant going to count losses

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