Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

The risk within

Everything is in the head. Have you heard that before?

Football Predictions Manual

Understanding the background of how to use the mathematical football predictions is the most important part

Has online betting become a great British problem?

Can the fight to limit gambling and betting ever be won?

Do not bet on friendly fixtures (unless you know how)

The worst league to bet on is the friendly games. We at Rowdie were not able to improve our mathematical football predictions in 2 years

How to make money in football betting?

How to earn money by betting? How to make money in football betting or any kind of sports?

What to do when bookmaker or casino doesn’t want to pay

What to do if you have funds in sportsbook or casino and you are being ghosted. With this advice you will get your money back

What is Cashout in betting?

What is Cashout in betting? Details easy explained on a concrete example

Sure bet calculator

Calculate how to spread the stakes on 3 way and 2 way results with our Sure bet calculator

Backing favourites in football – Can you win money?

The short answer is no, but there are ways how to spot a value bet in the favourite vs underdog match

Football League Predictability

Football league predictability is the perfect tool for punters since our football predictions show great performance