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What to do when bookmaker or casino doesn’t want to pay

Many punters and online casino players know this story. When you play or bet and keep on losing, everything is fine and the operator is not making any problems. When talking to the support staff with some minor issues or questions you might even get the feeling these are the nicest people on Earth. But try to win (big or small)… Only then you will see the true colors. If you are betting with your country registered and licensed operator, you basically shouldn’t encounter any issues like those described below. But if you are betting in a sportsbook with a Curacao or other – rather exotic licence, get ready for some troubles. I am not saying that all of them are bastards but if you check some forums you will learn that being screwed by a bookie happens more often than one might think. Now the question is…

What to do when bookmaker is ghosting you and you can not withdraw your funds?

The following instructions also apply to the case when online casino is refusing to pay out, the only condition is that the casino also has a sportsbook – which most of them actually do have. Let’s call the operator who owes you money Crook-Bet to simplify the story.

You might not have realized that when trying to desperately get your money, Crook-Bet is still allowing you to bet. Operators like Crook-Bet (bookies or casinos) rely on the fact that when they ghost you long enough you will simply give up. This leaves you with 2 scenarios:

  1. Your funds will be frozen on their account till your bitter end and Crook-Bet keeps your money
  2. You keep on betting and lose it all and in this case again – Crook-Bet keeps you money

Looks like there is not a way out of this misery, but there is and it will only cost you about 1-3% of your funds. The right choice to go with the 1-3% is number 2. What? Yep you have to lose the funds and the faster you do it the better for you, but listen to the whole instructions.

Steps to follow to get your money back

Imagine it is 100 USD that you have stuck at the Crook-Bet’s account. Here are the steps to follow to get your money back.

Step 1. Pick a match with similar odds for the outcome. Can be a a football game, tennis or anything else. Important is that the strengths of the teams are similar. Odds 1.05 for a home win, 12.3 for a draw and 35.50 for away win will not do the job. Search for game with odds close to 2.6. for home win, 3.30 for a draw and 2.8 for away win.

Step 2. Open 2 more accounts at your local licensed bookmaker. Let’s say you are from the UK, and this gives you an option of hundreds of licensed bookmakers. Those are the ones who will get big penalties if they do anything unethical. After you picked the match, search for the licensed bookie that gives the highest odds. This is quite important, since betting with random odds vs betting with highest odds can reduce your loss from 12% to 1%. Also make sure they are legal in your country, so you do not have an extra problem.

And yes, you are not getting the whole 100% of your funds back. Accept losing at least 1%.

Step 3. Using our sure bet calculator, your job is now to spread the stakes in the way that you bet the whole 100 USD by Crook-Bet. You simply insert the odds into the fields and then you only increase or decrease the the bet amount in the last field till there is the 100 USD in the field “stakes” within the Crook bet line.

Here an concrete example

Imagine you have a football match and the odds are:

Licensed bookmaker 1 Home win: 2.00
Licensed bookmaker 2 Draw: 3.60
Crook-bet Away win: 4.20

Note: I could have chosen to place the draw or home win by Crook-bet and others bookies accordingly. This is up to you. Your job is simply guess the outcome that will not succeed and place that bet in Crook-bet.

Comparing the offer and choosing the bookies with highest odds we see that bookmakers profit in this case is 1.56% and that is for now acceptable.

Now go to the sure bet calculator, enter the odds and fool around with the stake amount. Simply start by entering 300. By Crook-Bet this shows that I have to deposit 70.31 but since I need this to be 100, I will increase and adjust the numbers till I get the 100 in the last line. This happens when the total deposit amount is 426.65. As you see in the following picture, I have to bet 209.99 on the home win by Licensed bookmaker 1 and 116.67 on a draw by the Licensed bookmaker 2.


Things to be aware of

  1. Using the technique above, every time you lose by licensed bookmakers and win by Crook-bet you are losing the 1-3%. You have to go to the next round and try to lose by Crook-bet even more.
  2. You might have some limits. Let’s say, you have not 100$ stuck by Crook-bet, but 10 000$. In that case you have to do it in more steps. You have to place the bets exactly as sure bet calculator shows you. If Crook bet lets you place e.g. 5000$, but any of the Licensed ones only 50$ then you have to open new accounts with other operators and bet the rest. Therefore you better start out small and slowly increase.
What to do if you have funds in sportsbook or casino and you are being ghosted. With this advice you will get your money back

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