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Has online betting become a great British problem?

Do you know any bookmaker that is still missing an online platform? I doubt it and those who were fighting the progress or were too sentimental about “good old times” or followed the technical progress too late are now behind those who only came to life after 2010. Till 2020 the online versions of the same business have been annually cannibalizing 10% of their offline siblings. With penetration of the internet the profits of bookmakers and casinos sky-rocketed. Profits? Yes profits of the operators and not the punters and players.

Mobile-friendly games

What is a mobile friendly game? Around 2015 Google announced SERP “disqualification” of websites that are not mobile friendly. This caused massive investments into mobile friendly games, apps and websites.

What does it mean? The first reason online betting has become such a popular pastime is the availability of mobile-friendly games. Previously, players had to download an app onto their mobile device and then log in through that platform.

Nowadays, most casinos including those on non Gamstop betting sites offer a mobile-friendly version of their website, which is directly accessible from your smartphone or tablet device. It makes it much easier for players to place bets at any time of day, night, and wherever they happen to be.

Mobiles make gambling accessible

Why are mobiles so important when it comes to gambling? The rise of mobile technology has made it possible for people to access their favorite websites from anywhere. No more you have to get back home to sit in front of your computer. This means that people can play casino games anytime, whether they’re commuting home from work or waiting for their flight at an airport. Do you like the progress? I bet many of you don’t.

More variety makes gambling more dangerous

Where do you find more games? Online or offline? The internet has also made it possible for operators to provide players with a wider range of games.

Even if you’re not into slots or roulette, there are plenty of other types of gambling available online that might appeal to you. And because there are many online casino games available, there’s something for everyone. Whether you like sports betting or poker or bingo – or even if you want to do something completely different like online slots or blackjack.

In-Play odds – ads are everywhere

Why is In-Play betting so important (and dangerous)? One of the most popular features of online gambling is In-Play betting, where you bet on games that haven’t yet finished. This can be for individual events (such as a tennis match) or a whole sports betting market. Like it or not, but it seems that you will never watch your favourite team playing without being bombed by betting ads.

For example, you could bet on who will win the [league 8] this season, with odds getting calculated while each team plays their matches.

There are many reasons for In-Play betting boom:

  • It allows you to have more control over your bets and will enable you to change them based on what’s happening in the game
  • You can watch the action unfold live before placing your bet

What about the turnovers? Over 80% of bets placed are live bets and only about 20% remain the original pre match bets. Live betting increased the wagering and with that the profits of bookmakers. For a punter it is not easy to find a value in live games, since the math is simply more complicated.

TV ads during sports matches encourage people to gamble

Is TV of any importance when it comes to driving business to the internet? Gambling ads are everywhere these days, and they’re getting increasingly sophisticated. You only have to look at the TV during a big match like football or tennis to see how many ads there are for betting sites or other products associated with gambling. And these ads have become prominent over time – especially during live football events where they can reach millions of viewers at once.

Gambling advertising is permissible during events like football matches because they consider this as ‘editorial’ content rather than advertising. Therefore, it doesn’t count towards the total number of adverts allowed on TV at any one time (which currently stands at 20 minutes per hour). Did you expect such a symbiosis?

Considering gambling “just fun” is hypocrisy

Why do people gamble when they know they most likely lose? People gamble for many different reasons – to test their luck, win money, or simply enjoy the thrill of competition. It is a normal leisure activity enjoyed by millions of people every day.

Some people consider it a harmless hobby and see no harm in a flutter on the horses or at the dogs. I guess those “some people” are the ones earning on those stakes. However, it can become an addictive behavior for some, leading to problems such as debt and relationship breakdowns. For these people, there may be an underlying problem with their mental health or personal circumstances which needs addressing before they can address their gambling habits. Is the fun worth the hassle?

Bottom Line

Online betting has been around for decades already, but it is merely in recent years that there have been greater concerns about its impacts on the lives of gamblers and their families. While no one can deny that online betting presents a great opportunity for punters to do the wagering from their own homes, it is still just as easy for individuals to become hooked on online betting.

Punters should therefore consider their gambling habits and evaluate their behavior if they find themselves spending more time gambling online than they should be doing.

Can the fight to limit gambling and betting ever be won?

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