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Do you want to do betting for living? Many of us do! Do you do what it takes to do betting for living? I doubt it! …but let me set the benchmark. Do you know how much time do the professionals that create the odds work? On average it is 8 hours per person and day. Do you know how many of those professionals are by Betradar and other companies? Dozens, even hundreds. Now imagine. You have an army of highly skilled professionals working against you and the only thing you do when placing a bet is claim that you feel it in your bones. There are also other distortions, such as taking the shortcuts like fixed match information and other scams.

Q: And this is when Rowdie comes into the scene, right?

A: Kind of. The mathematical football predictions from Rowdie are operated by the most sophisticated self learning algorithms, but using it brainless will not get you the results you want.

Q: Why is that? You claim, that the predictions are retrospectively verified and you only display those with a high or good predictability.

A: Of course, but even at Betradar or other odds creators companies, there are people checking the results. Besides that, the odds are changing a few times per day. A week before the match might be the squad different than a few minutes before the match. Especially now, during the Covid period we see that the line ups are changing more frequently than before Covid. Lately I was waiting for UK football predictions for this week. I was used to see the odds earlier than 3 days before the game, but this time bookmakers had to wait for the WM qualifications to be finished. Was it because of waiting if any key player ends up Covid positive? I guess so, but sure I am not.

Q: Is the possible line up change the only reason for checking Rowdie’s mathematical football predictions?

A: It might be the main reason, but it is not the only one. I personally go through each predicted value bet, check the stats, and select only about 20%. Those 20% are the fixtures where the value is really obvious. While all the super real football pics give on average around 10%, selecting the cream of the cream gives a much higher value – up to 40%.

Q: Ok, but how much time do you spend analyzing one fixture.

A: It depends. Sometimes it takes seconds by saying “I don’t think this one should be on the list”, but when a fixture passes the initial filter it is no less than 15 minutes. And now we are getting to the point of this article, Betting is work and this work is not easy. It may not be a dirty job, it may not be a tough physical job but if you are not a born (or made) to love numbers, you will find it the hardest job in the world.

Q: I am not getting your point

A: Imagine spending hours, sitting and looking at numbers. Fixture by fixture. First the League, then the teams, then players. Imagine doing this for weeks, months or even years. You have to love it to be able to deal with it and if you so not love numbers my advice is do betting only as a hobby. What does it mean? Hobby costs money and therefore accept that you will not beat the bookies. How to beat the bookies? Betting is work and if you slack it, then you will be “fired”.

Q: Ok. I go through the football predictions and select the ones I believe in. Is there anything else I should do?

A: Sure. Do the predictions on your own. After selecting the fixture, try to forget the numbers, open statistics and do the same job like our algorithm. We have a great tool that helps you with the final calculation. You only feed it with ” numbers. Creating odds on your own gives you a great feeling of what is going on.

Q: Any final Advice?

A: Indeed. Be skeptical! Don’t ever fall into the trap thinking that you are a good punter. Even if you see results, stay calm. I am talking here about my own experience. Every time I became cocky, I saw a drop. It was not because of heaven punishing me, but rather because I lost focus and spent less time analyzing the fixture.

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