Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

The risk within

There is a danger you carry within you – it is your head to be precise. Our craving for satisfaction is the biggest danger when it comes to sports betting or any other kind of gambling. Today we look at the dangers of risk together with non Gamstop betting sites who analysed this topic in detail.

…and this does not apply to gambling only. If you want to find success in sports betting, here are a few psychological goals you must follow, but let’s start with something surprising.

Of course, we all want to be happy! But did you know that feeling of being happy and satisfied tends you to accept higher risks? Yes, it’s a scientifically proven fact. A little bit of stress and tension is and the hit of dopamine is what the gamblers seek and winning gives you more of that increasing the danger. Winning will make you less cautious about your bets and increase the risk of rash decisions. What is the solution? Keep your happiness in check when you enter a gambling zone.

Blinking loss

Did you ever realize that you get something that looks like a reward even if you lose? Many slot machine games start making sounds and flash even if you are losing. This way the player loses, but still might get confused about what really happened. UKGC has been fighting this for several years and 2022 is set to be an end to the “blinking loss”.

Preconceived bias

This is a problem many football gamblers face. If you have a preconceived notion about any team or a match in general, you may ignore real evidence. While placing bets, you must be critical. It will help you to make the right analysis.
One of the most common things is to place a bet on the favourite team. Of course, you love them but that doesn’t guarantee their wins every time.

Instead, pay attention to gaming strategies, players, etc. to make an informed decision. Here is an example of what may go wrong during the match.

“Team A has experienced players and they are playing really well this season. But team B is my favourite team and they have won quite a few times before. Let me place a bet on team B”

This is where you may lose the game. It’s important to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each of the teams. Then you can take a radical decision.

Adopt an agile approach

A cool head with logical questions makes you a successful gambler. So far we have discussed the flaws you should overcome. Now, it’s time to analyse your right approach.

It’s important to adopt a dejected and approved approach. Not sure what we are talking about? The following section will clarify your doubts.

Follow a logical thought process:

“Team A is full of experienced and celebrity players and team B has new and experimental ones. Though they both have a good chance to win, A may win over B due as they are more experienced. So I will bet on them”

This is a logical approach that takes the advantages and disadvantages of each team into account. Naturally, you will get a comprehensive overview and accumulate your thought process. This is the best strategy to adopt.

Way forward

We agree that a fair share of luck is involved in gambling. No matter how much you reason yourself and calculate the right move, you cannot control what’s happening right there on the field. But following the above-mentioned steps will help you to win even a few matches! That’s not bad, right? Don’t forget to share the article with your acquaintances if you find it useful. Good luck with your next game.

Everything is in the head. Have you heard that before?

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