Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Football leagues to resume in May

First leagues will most likely start in May, but June looks like a resurrection of football

Argentina to resume football in January

The decission was quite surprising since the numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Argentina are in average 100 per day

Brazilian president supports the soon restart of the league

Latest numbers from Brazil however do not give too much optimism for the league restart

Season 2019/20 in French Ligue 1 is over

Representatives of the French Football Association hoped that in mid-June the competition could be resumed

Sportsbook events during Corona from April 27

There is still not much to bet on, but we get there soon

Philippe Coutinho might join Everton FC

Coutinho must most likely take a salary cut as recently he earns £200 000 at Barcelona

Austrian Bundesliga introduced the plan for game restarts

The exact date has not yet been revealed and the teams did not even start with their group training

Chelsea not cutting wages nor taking advantage of the state support

After Liverpool took big piece of criticism, FC Chelsea taking a different approach

Dutch Eredivisie is for the season over

No fixtures, no title, no winner, no loser…

New Era of Newcastle United about to begin

Big money is expected to bring big names and big results