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Football leagues to resume in May

Nobody really knows how to approach the fight with the Coronavirus. We see the “take it easy” approach from Brazil where the numbers show nothing positive and we see a strict approach from Argentina. We see football season being cancelled in France and the same in the Netherlands, but we also see attempts to start as soon as possible.

It has been around 45 days since we have seen the last significant football match… and yes, it feels much longer. With April almost over, we at Rowdie have a strong gut feeling that some leagues will resume in May.

Football leagues to not be resumed in May

Before we move on to our hopes, let’s quickly go through the list of leagues we most likely won’t see in May to be resumed. Almost 100% sure we can be with the American [league 779]. In average we see over 25 000 new confirmed corona patients per day, and that is the case for the last 30 days. The number of active cases is still growing rapidly and we believe that there will be big things happening in the US (not football though).

From the significant European leagues we will most likely not see the English [league 8] and Spanish [league 564]. In [country 462] we see the number of active cases rising, in [country 32] we however see small decreases. The graph in both regions is showing some slowdown, but the numbers are still far from good.

Do you remember the Armageddon in [country 251]? For the last month we watched with astonishment the consequences of the so-called “take it easy” approach. In Italy we see the decrease of new daily cases, but the number of active cases is not going down. Therefore we at Rowdie believe, football in Italy is recently not really a topic right now as the previous plans failed. We will have to wait a few more weeks to see the [league 384] being resumed.

Where to put our football hopes

[country 11] is showing a significant decrease in the daily corona cases and together with the already existing action plan, we can hope for the German [league 82] and [league 85] to be resumed by the end of May. The same goes for [league 181] and [league 184] from [country 143] as the corona numbers show similarities with Germany and rapid fall.

[country 47] on the other hand is showing a relaxed approach towards shutting down the events, but the numbers suggest they might reconsider if their [league 573], [league 585] and [league 588] should start anytime soon. For now the plans to resume the leagues say mid June. From the north, [country 1233] has recently announced lifting some restrictions and even kids should go back to school mid May. Since April 20, training is allowed in groups of up to six people. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but it seems [league 292] will have the kick off beginning of July.

Very promising looks [country 98] as the number of daily new cases recently dropped below 20. [league 1356] was the last significant league to cancel and might be the first to resume the fixtures.

At this point we will not analyse any further football leagues since there are over 200 countries. The latest report about successful cure tests and that might be a twist in the whole situation.

First leagues will most likely start in May, but June looks like a resurrection of football

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