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Dutch Eredivisie is for the season over

The season 2019/20 will be the first football season for [league 72] in [country 38] to go without a league winner. As we already informed, the Dutch government has banned all major sports events till the beginning of September and since the next season is scheduled to start August 15, the dates collide making the finish impossible.

For this season it means there will be no title holder but also no team leaving the league – saving most likely [team 814] and [team 1128]. On the other hand Teams [team 1435] and [team 1073] from the [league 74] were close, but will repeat their fight for the highest Dutch competition even the next year.

In the [league 2] we will see the next year [team 629] and [team 61]. In the [league 5] we can look forward to [team 73] with the fantastic forward [player 4230].

No fixtures, no title, no winner, no loser...

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