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New Era of Newcastle United about to begin

Most of the [team 20] fans can not wait till the date when the team will be sold to Saudi sheikh Bin Salman. The original price of £300 million will most likely be increased to £370 million, but that should be for Bin Salman not an issue at all. The recent owner Mike Ashley has been by the power for the last 13 years and latest surveys suggest his low popularity among the Newcastle fans.

With the big money pouring in, all of the fans expect a complete squad rebuild and there are already some names on the table. Reports say about [player 96088] from [team 591], [player 22994] from [team 597] and [player 1317] from [team 18].

All of the mentioned players have valid contracts till the end of this season and for sure it will not be easy to convince them to join Newcastle.

Latest news also reports about [player 30057] from [team 83] or [player 432912] from [team 690]. The first named has earlier expressed his will to try the [league 8] and Soumaré has been in the scope of Newcastle already since January.

On the other hand, the team will most likely “say goodbye” to current coach [coach 455377] who will be replaced. There are rumours saying the possible replacements are Mauricio Pochettino, Massimillian Allegri or even about the return of the former coach [coach 455387] who is recently in the Chinese [team 7742]. Big money is expected to bring big names and big results.


Big money is expected to bring big names and big results

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