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Chelsea not cutting wages nor taking advantage of the state support

[team 18] published on April 25 an update about the approach towards the current crisis. As stated in the document, there will be no wage cuts by players nor full time employees.

After the talks with the first team, “players will not be contributing towards the club financially and instead the board have directed the team to focus their efforts on further supporting other charitable causes. As this crisis develops the club will continue to have conversations with the men’s first team regarding financial contributions to the club’s activities.”

This basically means that the Chelsea players will individually decide how, when and who to support.

As stated further, “The club can confirm we will not be taking advantage of the Government’s current Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which runs to 30 June. We are not planning any general redundancies or furloughs for our full-time staff who are continuing to be paid 100 per cent of their current wages.”

Further information was provided on the official page of the club bringing more details about season ticket holders or casual workers. The club is owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and the different approach of Chelsea was most likely influenced after Liverpool taking a big chunk of criticism.

After Liverpool took big piece of criticism, FC Chelsea taking a different approach

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