Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Betting up to £500 000 every day for 5 years

The player logged in almost every day for 5 years, placed bets worth around £500 000 spending pretty much the whole day playing and sports betting. Later the bookie had to close down because of tight gambling law

Some punters are weird

One day a guy called that he lost with us €5000, claiming he was drunk and now kids have nothing to eat till the end of the month. Your personal betting stories – Some punters are weird

Once in a decade match – Liverpool vs. FC Barcelona (Video)

For many football fans was the Liverpool – Barcelona match something you can call once in a lifetime. We are now sharing the most emotional moments that deserve to be watched all over, again and again.

5 Most hated Athletes and how to let the steam out

5 most hated Athletes. Laugh and ignore are the 2 great steps to let the steam out. Sports should be connecting people, but most of the time we see a total opposite. Many of us remember the violent football mentality in the UK back about 20 years ago

How looked the beginning of online sports betting I.

Online sports betting back in 2006 was very young and there was a lots of space for errors. Spotting them could earn you some pocket money

Odds comparison makes a difference

Odds comparison makes a difference since you never know if your bookie is not offering you some garbage

We have measured how much countries love football

Can you measure love? We at Rowdie knocked on the door of Google to see how popular football really is

Value bet gone wrong / Joshua – Ruiz 2 (Video)

Value bet Joshua – Ruiz 2 gone wrong. As I saw the opening odds being 3.5 on the victory of Ruiz I was thinking that they must be dreaming

Betting scams supported by social media

We analysed some dodgy sports betting tips providers. Read our advise about how to spot a scam and how to avoid being scammed