Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Burnley vs Watford match preview and predictions

The odds for the home win of Burnley went from the opening 2.20 to 2.81 while our fair odds predictions suggest 2.53

Will the Red Devils use their scoring potential? Manchester United vs Sheffield match preview and prediction

The last fixture showed a significant field dominance of Manchester United and in the clash against Sheffield no other scenario is expected

Is Anfield going to see the comeback of The Reds? Liverpool vs Crystal Palace match preview and prediction

Within the over 2.5 goals market the fair odds o Rowdie suggest 1.54 while the bookie offers 1.7

Norwich City vs Everton match preview and prediction

Will Everton show the same decent performance as against Liverpool?

Can The Lions upset The Magpies? Newcastle vs Aston Villa match preview and predictions

The power of Newcastle’s squad is for The Lions acceptable and they are able to come up with a good result

Wolverhampton vs Bournemouth match preview and predictions

It is surprising to me that the bookie still offers odds as high as 1.66 while the calculated fair odds with the football prediction suggest only 1.59

Time to win? Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United match preview and predictions

We believe the form of Tottenham is better than the math suggests and bet on the home win of the Spurs

Could Wolfsburg upset the champions? Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich match preview and prediction

There is of course no value at all in betting on the away win of Bayern

Hoffenheim has still a reason to collect points: Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim match preview and prediction

The football predictions suggest the fair odds for home win of Borussia only 1.49, while the bookie is offering 1.74

Leicester City vs Brighton match preview and prediction

Is Leicester already in the holiday mood? The squad certainly can take it easier than Brighton