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Leicester City vs Brighton match preview and prediction

Leicester City vs Brighton did not show the expected dominance of any team. The statistics of ball possession, shots on goal nor any other did not express the place in the EPL table.

All that is history, now both teams look forward to the next match. Considering the punishment of [team 9], the motivation of both teams is different. While Leicester can take it easy, Brighton should still stay focused.

Fixture shows a value in the home win of Leicester, since the football predictions by Rowdie suggests fair odds 1.6 while some of the best UK bookmakers offer opening odds 1.75. With the offered bonus I was able to boost the odds to 2.08 so I went for that. Looking through all of the markets I did not find any other value, but I am happy with the home win one.

Is Leicester already in the holiday mood? The squad certainly can take it easier than Brighton

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