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Is Anfield going to see the comeback of The Reds? Liverpool vs Crystal Palace match preview and prediction

From the last 7 games managed [team 8] to win only 2, and there is no question about the “not so good” period of the star squad of [coach 455353]. I and 98% of the punters believe the period has to come to an end and the clash against [team 51] is a great opportunity. There are still history making records Liverpool might achieve and why not to start with the next fixture?

The answer the the question “why not” might be the great shape of Crystal Palace and the 4 match winning streak of the squad of [coach 4592176].

[fixture 11867516] showed a great efficiency of The Eagles, since only 2 shots on goal were needed to score the 2 goals. Minute 23 and the second goal of [player 1038] meant a switch into defense.

Let’s look at what the football predictions have to say about the chances of both teams and about the betting opportunities for [fixture 11867529]. The predicted fair odds for the home win of Liverpool are 1.35 and as expected the bookmakers offer 1.24. Putting math away, we believe the squad goes for the victory at the home stadium and we place a bet on them.

On the other hand, within the over 2.5 goals market the fair odds of Rowdie suggest 1.54 while the bookie offers 1.7. We go for that as well.

You can access the details of the Liverpool vs Crystal Palace fixture via the prediction tab in match details or through the free football predictions section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists. We are comparing our predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. Please note, the odds of your bookie might be different.



Within the over 2.5 goals market the fair odds o Rowdie suggest 1.54 while the bookie offers 1.7

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