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Wayne Rooney: I’m not a natural goalscorer

English football striker Wayne Rooney believes he could score even more goals during his successful career. In his own words, even though he was not a “natural goalscorer” such as Gary Lineker or Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Thirty-four years old [player 579] is the best scorer in the history of the English national team and [team 14]. For England he played 120 matches, scoring 53 goals. He played 13 seasons at Old Trafford and scored 253 goals in 559 duels. In both cases he broke the records of Bobby Charlton, the World Champion of 1966.

I’m going to be honest — and this might surprise you — but I’m not a natural goalscorer.

I was never a Gary Lineker or a Ruud van Nistelrooy; I never looked at myself that way. I hold the goal records for Manchester United and England and am very proud about that — yet there have been better No 9s than me.

I always wanted to score but I’ve always loved the game more than the individual stuff. My favourite players to watch were those like Paul Scholes and Xavi and I get more joy out of splitting a defense with a pass than from any goals I’ve scored myself. One of my favourite moments, for instance, was Robin van Persie’s strike versus Aston Villa” wrote the recent player from the English Championship in his Sunday Times column.


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Thirty-four years old Wayne Rooney is the best scorer in the history of the English national team and Manchester United

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