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Top 5 European leagues losing up to 4 billion due to coronavirus

KPMG assumes that football clubs from the top five most renowned European football leagues could lose up to four billion euros because of the coronavirus pandemic.

From an economic point of view, football clubs are particularly experiencing a loss of revenue from the sale of broadcasting rights and advertising.

“The UK Premier League has the highest share of broadcast revenues – up to 58.9%. If there were no more matches this season, the loss of broadcasting revenues would exceed one billion euros, ” reported KPMG  in a press release.

Experts from KPMG Football Benchmark have estimated the expected maximum financial losses of clubs and their top football competitions in the case when remaining matches do not take place. In total, the clubs would have to cope with a total drop in revenues from 3.45 to 4 billion euros. The largest part of this would be the loss of revenue from television rights – from 2 up to 2.45 billion euros.

The European Football Union (UEFA) is interested in the completion of individual national football league competitions. At Tuesday’s video conference of the secretaries of 55 members, UEFA presented further proposals for dates on which the associations are to update by the beginning of May.

We at Rowdie expect the first significant football leagues re-start in May. The declining trend of coronavirus pandemic is giving us hope to see first football matches behind closed doors within the next 2 weeks.

Football is a huge business and just like other businesses even this one suffers a lot

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