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The Actual Bonus Value of Your Welcome Casino Bonus Revealed

The Actual Bonus Value of Your Welcome Bonus Revealed

Welcome to the exciting world of online casinos, where flashy welcome bonuses greet you with promises of incredible rewards. But are these bonuses as valuable as they claim to be? In a new research paper, SevenJackpots have delved into the depths of India’s top online casinos to uncover the truth behind their welcome bonuses.


Prepare to discover the Actual Bonus Value (ABV) and gain a deeper understanding of these enticing offers.

SevenJackpots Actual Bonus Value Explained: What is ABV?

Have you ever wondered if the welcome bonus you receive at an online casino truly lives up to its hype? The Actual Bonus Value (ABV) is a revolutionary measurement developed by SevenJackpots’ team to calculate the real worth of your bonus.


While a bonus may boast a large sum, the ABV takes into account various factors such as wagering requirements, wager contributions, playable games, and the clarity of terms and conditions. It provides an objective assessment of a bonus’s value, allowing players to make informed decisions.

Which casinos have the best welcome bonus?

After carefully analyzing the welcome bonus offers of top Indian online casinos, the winner in terms of their Actual Bonus Value, Casino Days, Big Baazi, and PlaySQR emerge as the top performers in their study. These operators offer generous welcome bonuses with high ABV percentages, indicating that they provide excellent value to players.


Casino Days and Big Baazi both offer a maximum bonus of ₹1,00,000 with an impressive ABV of ₹41,600, accounting for 41.60% of the welcome offer. PlaySQR, with its ₹20,000 bonus and ABV of ₹8,320, also boasts a strong ABV percentage of 41.60%. These casinos showcase the importance of clear and user-friendly bonuses that deliver on their promises.

Which Are the Losers?

While some online casinos excel in providing valuable welcome bonuses, others fall short. In the analysis, BlueChip casino ranks at the bottom of the list. Despite offering a deposit bonus of up to ₹1,00,000 and 100 Free Spins, the Actual Bonus Value of this offer is a mere ₹8,000, representing only 8% of its total value.


The bonus includes a four-tier deposit structure with varying match percentages and additional free bets and Free Spins. However, the complex terms and conditions, conflicting wagering requirements, extensive list of excluded games, and low win limits make this bonus offer less favorable, particularly for inexperienced players.

Which Factors Determine the Actual Bonus Value?

When calculating the Actual Bonus Value, several crucial factors come into play. These include the welcome bonus amount, the wagering requirement, the wager contribution, the playable games, and the clarity of the terms and conditions. Each of these aspects is converted into numerical values and contributes to the final ABV.


Those are the ones that actually determine the ABV. Additionally to fully understand the entire bonuses factors such as time to claim, time to wager, minimum deposit, wager contribution in live casinos, maximum bet when wagering, free spins, maximum win from the bonus, wagering amount, bonus money or cash bonus, play with real money or bonus to wager, withdrawal conditions, and accepted deposit methods are also considered when evaluating the overall quality of a welcome bonus.


How Popular Are Bonuses in India?

The growing interest in casino bonuses among Indian players indicates the maturing nature of the online gambling market. With an increasing number of operators available, players now have the luxury of selecting from various casinos and enjoying multiple welcome offers.


Data from SevenJackpots shows a significant surge in clicks on the their casino bonus page, which had a 48% growth in clicks between September and October 2022, reflecting the rising curiosity and demand for bonuses. However, despite this growing interest, there is still a lack of understanding among players regarding the intricacies of casino bonuses and the substantial variations in their actual value.

Decoding Welcome Bonuses for Informed Choices

The comprehensive research has revealed the true worth of welcome bonuses offered by top Indian online casinos. By considering the Actual Bonus Value, players can make more informed decisions and select bonuses that offer the best value for their time and money.


Casino Days, Big Baazi, and PlaySQR have emerged as the frontrunners in providing high-value welcome bonuses, while BlueChip falls short due to its complex terms and conditions and low ABV. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate all aspects of a bonus offer to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding online casino experience.


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