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Should Manchester United sign Boubakary Soumare?

What’s in the news?

According to weallfollowunited, [team 14] are leading [team 19] and AC Milan in the race to sign youngster [player 432912].

This comes after Italian journalist Vito Angele told the Italian Football Podcast that United are in a stronger position to sign the 21-year-old with his price tag exceeding [team 113]’s plans. United have also left Arsenal behind for Soumare’s signature, claims tribal football.

Speaking to the Italian Football Podcast, Vito Angele said, “He is an important player, but I don’t think he will be coming to Serie A. Man Utd are working on him, and they are the favorites to sign him right now. Lille are also asking a high price for him, which is too much for Milan.”

Soumare’s stats and analysis

Boubakary Soumare is one of the most highly-rated youngsters in Europe. In the last couple of years at [team 690], Soumare has progressed in a pacy manner and is still showing worthy potential. The 21-year-old has developed into one of the best defensive midfielders in France. However, in possession, he is magnificent as well.

This season in 16 [league 301] appearances, Soumare has completed 1.2 interceptions and 1.2 tackles per game. He also has a 60% success rate in his duels. Along with a passing accuracy of 86%, Soumare has also recorded an 84% success rate in his passing in the opposition half. Impressively, Soumare has also averaged a brilliant 3.8 progressive passes per 90.

In the 2019/20 season, his numbers were good as well. However, this season he has improved his gameplay in every department. He recorded an 87% passing accuracy in the opposition half, along with completing near 2 long balls per 90. He won just over half of his duels last season compared to an increased 60% this season. Soumare completed just over 3 progressive passes per game in terms of progressive passes completion compared to this season’s 3.8 per 90.

Overall, he is a defensive holding midfielder with outstanding tenacity and size. Soumare is good in the air and is a reliable midfielder who is good at all aspects. Along with this well-recognized robustness, he is also an effective passer of the ball. He is key to starting attacks from deep.

Should Manchester United sign him?

Manchester United under [coach 524307] are developing rapidly this season. A young side that is keen to win things with some world-class figures in the dressing room. However, it still seems that United are some way behind the likes of [team 8] and [team 9]. Not only in terms of the starting eleven but also in terms of squad depth in a lot of positions. One of them is the defensive midfield position, which is right now being played by [player 205411] and, at times, [player 1335]. [player 455376] has also been deployed there a few times but has struggled massively as a single pivot. The young Scotsman is better as a number 8 or in a double pivot due to his energy and box to box play.

United have got some gloriously talented attacking midfielders like [player 129602] and [player 1992]. Still, they don’t seem to have a proper defensive midfielder who allows the other players to go and join attacks. Fred and McTominay are an efficient pair, but against low blocks, two attacking midfielders are required. We understand that Manchester United genuinely need a proper holding midfielder to protect the backline and start attacks from deep.

[player 5273] and [player 5319] are two of the best defensive midfielders in the [league 8] but are more expensive than Soumare. With the stats and progression, Soumare has shown that he could be a big player for United for the next decade.

Reports suggest that the young midfielder is United’s top transfer priority

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