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Football has to start again – the scenario from Germany

A team of medical experts brought together by the representatives of the German Football League (DFL), the governing body of the I. and II. Bundesliga, allegedly came up with the idea of ​​how to complete the current league season.

The two highest German football league competitions Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are currently suspended for at least 30 April due to a coronavirus. Latest news reports the pandemic taking on power since there are on average over 6 000 new cases each day. Yesterday, April 2, there was also a new record in deaths counting 176 people.

The reporters of “Sport im Osten” were able to gain some leaked backstage information about possible scenarios about how to make the league running again. Some of the scenarios might seem quite straight forward, drastic and reckless. The plan is: After resuming competition matches, all players should test for coronavirus every three days. However, a positive case should not mean quarantine for the whole team, only for the infected player.

If the team had two healthy goalies and 13 field players available before the match, the club would have to play. In the event of a refusal, a 0:3 default loss would follow. DFL has not yet given any official statement on this leaked information.

They also want to take similar steps in [league 564] in Spain. Again, in the case of a positive test, the quarantine would only apply to an infected individual, with immediate disinfection of the places where he was staying. The training process would be mostly individual and for now we don’t have more information about it.

Football is no longer the game for the crowds but rather a money making machine. We all expect that after resuming the competitions the football games will be played behind closed doors, but this from the financial point of view is acceptable.

Leaked scenario about how to make the football league in Germany run again

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