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Best cardio for weight loss

Best cardio for weight loss

Are you worried about your increasing weight? There are different weight loss exercises and diets available that you can try. Besides all these workouts, cardio for weight loss is the best thing you can try, and notice the significant results in a few days or weeks. If you are obese and want a quick transition to a lean body, cardio will help you achieve your goal. Cardio or weights for weight loss is one of the better options for gaining the muscles and getting a shaped body. Here we will share some best cardio for weight loss that you can follow and get the desired body shape and weight loss effects. So let’s dive into it.


Sprinting outside is one of the premium forms of cardio for weight loss. You can use the treadmill, stairs, or bleachers for performing the sprinting cardio for weight loss. So it doesn’t require any specific equipment for performing the workout.

Now, if you are outside for walking or cardio, use the track for sprinting. You can sprint a lap and then jog. Ensure that you repeat the process as much as possible and get the desired results. It will help you to achieve your goal for muscles. However, if you use the treadmill, perform the sprint for 20 to 30 seconds. Ensure that you gradually increase the time for your sprint cardio and notice the results.

High-intensity interval training

The high-intensity interval training is one of the well-rounded workout cardio for burning fats and calories. It helps burn more than 500 calories per hour as it is one of the intense workouts. You can also pair it with any other bodyweight movement workout to increase your body’s fat burning. If you go to any gym, you can take the impact aerobic for high-intensity interval training. Ensure that you follow the regular rest periods for maximum results.


You will get the firm body overview if you notice the collegiate rowers’ workout body. Rowing is a great way to incorporate your whole body in cardio and get a mannered body. If you are passionate, ensure to get the rowing machine that helps burn more than 80 calories in one hour. You can increase the intensity of your rowing slowly and notice the results.


However, when performing the rowing, keep your chest in an upward direction that helps keep the entire body at work. Keep the steady work pressure on your arms, and don’t let it control the whole motion. When you start practising, set your timer for 20 minutes and increase it gradually. Start now with Fit at Home.

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