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Tuchel praises Timo Werner’s performances!

What did Tuchel say about his striker?

After Werner’s impressive performances against Southampton and Real Madrid, [coach 523937] said, “Now he has made it difficult to leave him out. I’m impressed, he was very, very good in the last two games.”

“These were two games when he was much better than in any other game and he showed what he is capable of. Everybody thinks we as managers do the line-up, and of course, we do.

“But in the end, the players take care that you don’t leave them out, they do it in training or in games, and of course, in games, it’s the opportunity for everybody.

“Especially for strikers, things can be turned around in minutes, in moments, whole careers can be upside down and in any direction but always as a striker you can have a chance to put things into your favour, as a substitute or if you have the chance to perform from the beginning. He did in the last two games and that’s what we want from him. It’s what he needs to show and then he takes care that he plays.

Is Timo Werner finally becoming the player everyone thought he would be?

Last season, one of the most discussed topics among pundits and fans was the disappointment surrounding Werner’s performances. After having a few great seasons in the German top flight, he was one of the priced assets in Europe. Then European Champions and Premier League champions [team 8] were heavily linked with the German.

[coach 455353] was reportedly a big fan of Werner. However, [team 18] proved to be more proactive and decisive as they completed his signing before the season had even ended. The excitement surrounding [player 31823] was justified. However, his first season in English football was no way near good enough. The number of simple chances he missed last season was abysmal.

Chelsea fans were also having a tough time as their club legend, [coach 95], was struggling and was eventually sacked by Abramovic. With all the negativity among the fans, Werner’s criticism was getting ugly.

However, under Tuchel, he looked much better last season and was a part of the side that won the [league 2]. He did miss a couple of sitters in the final against [team 9], but it was all forgiven as they ended up winning.

Last season, he had 35 appearances in the [league 8], out of which 6 were from the bench. He had 14 goal contributions, which are not too bad, but it felt disastrous due to the heavy expectations.

His goals tally isn’t high this season as well, but his performances overall have been encouraging. His finishing against [team 65] was excellent, and he was also superb against [team 3468] in that crazy second leg.

Still, he is some way from the initial expectations, but he will get there with time. Also, Chelsea fans have now started to appreciate him more, which will boost his confidence for the future. Still young, Timo Werner has got what it needs to become a consistent, top-quality Premier League player.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the German striker constantly being hammered by the fans, his performances have improved massively.

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