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All eyes on Chelsea

The performance of Chelsea in the 2019/2020 has been solid but for the next season the expectations are aiming to the top again. Abramovic is about to renew the squad and the plans are to invest up to 300 million. Some big names are expected to leave and fresh blood is expected to join.

In the last season of Bundesliga, Timo Werner managed to score 28 goals in his 34 appearances. There are also some rumors about [player 580], but we leave that for now.

On social media the [league 8] fans have already expressed respect towards the new potential squad of Chelsea. Here some examples.

Some fans believe the squad will still not match Liverpool or Manchester City.

But this is not just about Chelsea but the whole Premier League. English EPL football clubs if you remember dominated in the World’s football in the season 2018/2019 and the next season has some potential too.

The season 2020/21 might be big for Chelsea and the whole Premier League might dominate the Football World once again

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