Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Explaining Between Live Betting and Pre-match Betting

Did you know that live betting is responsible for 90% of global betting amount

Over regulation – From one extreme to another

The good old times of gambling have been replaced by more aggressive good old times of gambling

How has Football Changed Over Time?

Some changes in football are good, other changes are ehm… not so good

The Role of Casino Sponsorships in Football

Money to football flows from all possible directions, even those you may not like

Are Football Players Allowed to Place Bets?

What happened if a pro football player would place a bet?

What are the best games for football fans?

What is sports without fans? Simply put – nothing

Brain Sensors: How Is It Helping Footballers?

There are benefits in brain sensors that might save lives

Arsenal legend Paul Merson praises Fabio Vieira

Arsenal fans finally got their first glance at Fabio Vieira in an Arsenal shirt, and their former title winner, Paul Merson, is excited to watch the midfielder’s progress.

How to Start Placing Bets: Helpful Guide for Newcomers

Knowledge in betting is more important then experience

Jurgen Klopp says he’s happy with Arthur’s arrival

After failing to sign Bellingham this summer, Liverpool announced an unexpected arrival on deadline day from Italy.

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