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Are Football Players Allowed to Place Bets?

The question of whether football players can bet on football matches is a common one. The true answer is that football players are not allowed to bet on football matches. Note, however, that this article only addresses professional footballers.

You can bet on any football match if you play amateur football or regular games in your estate, workplace or church. Many professional football leagues in the UK and USA, including the English Premier League, are governed by FA.

FA Rules and Regulations on Football Players

As the governing body of major football leagues, the FA has put in place different rules and regulations governing the global football fraternity. For instance, it is well stated that it is illegal for professional footballers to bet on a football match worldwide.

The rules apply to professional footballers and anyone else who works at a professional football club. These include the football managers, club staff, referees, and other match officials.

The global football betting ban on professional footballers applies to all players in the English Football League clubs, National League Clubs, FA Women’s Super League, and the Northern, Southern and Isthmian leagues.

Passing on Inside Information

Besides betting on football matches, professional footballers are also not allowed to pass on any inside information to external parties. In this case, this refers to information that hasn’t been made available to the public and can be used to influence betting on football. The data can be in social media posts, word of mouth, email, or written correspondence.

It is also illegal for football players to ask other external parties to place any bets on any football match on their behalf. Note that passing any information to someone is a serious breach of the rules regardless of whether they intend to profit from it or not.

Even if the external party doesn’t place a bet using the information, it is illegal for a professional player to pass on any football-related information.

Match Fixing

Match fixing in professional football means that a player or players have made prior arrangements to directly alter the result of a football match to profit from the end result. There have been numerous cases of professional footballers fixing games, which has had profound implications.

Under the FA rules and regulations, match-fixing is a grave offense. Any football player or personnel directly involved in professional football matches who are found guilty of match-fixing may receive a lengthy suspension. When it gets worse, they face a lifetime ban from professional football.

How does the FA Monitor Match Fixing?

One of the FA’s main goals is to end the menace of match-fixing alongside the leaking of inside information to external parties for betting purposes. Present day, the organization has developed sophisticated systems that are put in place to keep track of and report any form of breach in its set rules and regulations.

The systems are developed and designed to flag any unusual activity in the global betting markets. The systems are also keen to report unusual issues that show that any individual or company has earned unreasonable amounts from betting.

If a professional football player or official is suspected of profiting from any form of football betting, the FA reserves the right to investigate the matter. This may be in the form of scrutiny of any form of records, including bank statements, phone bills or betting account statements.

Are Footballers Allowed to Participate in Other Forms of Betting?

Professional footballers globally are usually barred from wagering on any football match. However, wagering on other games is ultimately allowed. In many countries, gambling in casinos is entirely allowed, so players can visit their favorite casinos or enjoy the gambling experience on UK virtual platforms, for example.

The main reason this is allowed is that they have no control over the outcome of the other games. It is essential to state that footballers are also human, and they sometimes desire to have their personal downtime. This is why most of them will pass their time at the poker table assessing the likelihood to score winnings with cards rather than cheat the sports betting system.

The bottom line is that professional football players and officials aren’t allowed to participate in betting on any football match globally. They are, however, allowed to bet on any other sport.


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