Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

Football Predictions Theory

Football Predictions Theory and how to calculate the probability of scoring a goal

Value Bet Theory

Value bet is defined as a difference between the real probability and the probability given by a bookmaker

How bookmakers make the money

How bookmakers make the money. Redistribution of stakes and market margin are the base of the earnings

Yield in sports betting

How to calculate Yield in sports betting? Knowing the details of your sports betting performance is crucial

How much should I bet? Stake strategy explained

How much should I bet? Do I have to increase the bet with each lost one? These questions are quite common in sports betting. Facts about sports betting stake strategy

Probability in sports betting

Probability in sports betting easy explained. Probability in sports betting is a must to understand for you to become a successful punter

Psychology of sports betting

Psychology of sports betting is one of the most important features of success in sports betting. Look at the most common distortions