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Yield in sports betting

Sports betting is all about the money and let’s not pretend anything else. Sure, it might be fun and exciting but at the end it comes down to money. You might try to fool yourself with many different statistics, but there is one number that stands above it all. It is the amount of how much you won or lost – in sports betting we call it yield.

How to calculate Yield in sports betting

You can see a concrete example in the table below. Let’s say we do it on a monthly basis. You simply put into the excel sheet all the betting slips you have. If your odds are in a different format, please use our simple odds converter.

The math is quite simple. You take the total win amount and subtract the bet amount from it. In our case from the table it is: 55 – 39 = 16. The number is with a plus and that means we have earned money in that specific month. All our punters in virtual sports betting can see their monthly yield amount. However, we should go deeper with the Yield in sports betting.

What we should know about Yield in sports betting

How did you do? Did you win 10 000 or did you win 100? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good bettor if you made those 10 000 and the same counts for 100. If you had accurate football predictions depends on how much you bet. Did you bet a million or a pound to make those 10 000? This makes a huge difference at least in your good night’s sleep. Do you have a betting strategy that leaves you in peace or do you need to work on your betting psychology?

So as you have possibly guessed, there is also a different angle to look at the Yield in sports betting. It definitely makes sense to see how good we are in percentage. But then you have to ask how many betting slips you need to reach the %. Was it 10 or a 100?

To get to the value you need simple math as well. From our example use the following formula:

(Gain or Loss) / Bet amount * 100 = 16/39*100= 41%

There is however more to it and to win in betting you need to gain more knowledge.

How to calculate Yield in sports betting? Knowing the details of your sports betting performance is crucial

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