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Zidane says Atletico Madrid have deservedly won the League

Zidane’s words on Atletico’s success

[coach 407775] said, “First things first, I want to thank the fans because they’ve been behind the team from afar.”

“They haven’t been able to come to the stadium this year but everyone can be proud of this team because the players have given it everything they have until the final minute. We won again today. It hasn’t been easy because we had problems early on but in the end we’ve come good. I’m very proud of my players. It’s a day to congratulate the squad.

“We have to congratulate [team 7980], they deserve it too, because ultimately, the team that finish first deserve to win it. They’ve had a great season and that’s all there is to it. I’m not the most important thing here, it’s all about what the players have done all season.

“That’s why we should focus on what we’ve done during the season and then, in time, taking it calmly, we’ll see what happens. I’ll speak to the club in relaxed fashion, but later on, not right now. Today is a day to congratulate my players.”

Real Madrid’s heavy reliability on Benzema not enough

[team 3468]’s second-highest goalscorer this season was [player 159700]. This shows how much they relied on Benzema, who did all he could have in all fairness. The lack of goals and creativity from other attacking areas was lacking all season. For most games, if [player 93948] didn’t score, no one else did. Apart from goals, the Frenchman’s link-up play and positional play was excellent as well.

In [league 564] this season, Benzema scored 23 goals with Casemiro and [player 268] with 6 and 5, respectively. Benzema’s importance in this team is further enhanced as he also recorded 9 assists, second only to [player 30289] (10). [player 600687] scored an underwhelming 3 goals, with [player 186668] scoring 5. [player 184941], one of the club’s highest scorers last season, scored only 2 goals due to injury and covid issues. However, in any case, relying on a centre half for goals is ridiculous for a club of this size.

It’s clear that Real Madrid have to add quality and experience in their attack for next season regardless of Zidane’s future. They can’t keep relying on Benzema all the time. [team 83] are set to sign [player 1359] as a free agent and [player 929] as well. They are attacking quality players to an already influential set of attacking players.

If Real Madrid have any ambition to challenge for the [league 2] next season, then they have to spend wisely in the summer. A goalscorer, as well as a creative midfielder, is the requirement of this squad.

If they don’t, it could be another disappointing season with both of their domestic rivals adding players in required positions.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

After an engaging title race, the white side of Madrid failed to triumph as their city rivals won the League.

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