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Wolves agree fee for Leander Dendoncker

What’s the news?

According to reports, [team 29] have accepted a €15m offer from Aston Villa for Belgian international [player 62423].

After spending a few successful seasons at Wolves, he is unhappy with his current manager after falling down the pecking order under [player 21412795].

Aston Villa’s [player 225000] is a player attracting interest from [team 19], but Villa are reluctant to let the Brazilian leave. However, with the potentiality of that deal happening and Villa struggling defensively in the middle of the park, Gerrard has decided to bring the 27-year-old to [team 15].

Aston Villa’s struggles this season

Aston Villa have had a terrible start to the season. After finishing last season on a run of poor results, their bad form has continued this season. Adding to the misery, the club backed [coach 50] in the summer market and spent heavily on various players. Coutinho was permanently signed by Gerrard along with [player 96689] from [team 676].

Gerrard’s tactical decisions have been as poor as the side’s performances on the pitch. The former [team 8] great is changing the formation every week, and his side’s structure is imbalanced due to systemic changes every week.

At times a diamond, then a 4-3-3, and he might turn to a back three to get some defensive solidity. However, defensive robustness is not merely based on the number of defenders but depends on how well-balanced the structure is. A well-balanced structure can be achieved through consistent team selections, which is missing at Aston Villa.

Of course, the players are not performing to their usual standards. However, a lot of the problems are down to the coaching and management of Steven Gerrard, and as a result, his future at the club is under scrutiny.

What will Leander Dendoncker add to this Aston Villa side?

Leander Dendoncker is a player who possesses high versatility. The Belgian is a tall, aggressive and physical player with many strengths that make him a good fit for Gerrard’s side.

He can play as a center half in a back four or back three and is also good enough to play as a no.6 and no.8. Dendoncker is an aerial monster and against sides where passing the ball is harder, using him as a target in the box is a great weapon to have in your side.

With [player 97626]’s inexperience playing at the Villa midfield’s heart, having someone like Dendoncker alongside him would be a massive addition. Also, having a proper defensive midfielder would allow the likes of [player 172611], [player 186660] and [player 810] to have more freedom going forward.

Overall, this Dendoncker signing makes a lot of sense in various aspects. However, the main question is, will he be the solution to Villa’s multiple problems in the midfield and defensive areas?

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the Belgian unhappy with his situation at Wolves, Aston Villa’s offer has been accepted by Wolves for the midfielder.

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