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Will Everton stay up?

Everton’s season so far

Last summer, [coach 455387] was announced as Everton’s new manager after [coach 455800] decided to join [team 3468]. After a good first season under Ancelotti, the fans were frustrated to see him leave.

However, the appointment of Rafa added fuel to the fire as the anger among the fans grew. However, despite all the frustration surrounding the appointment of the new boss, the toffees started the club on fire. They won three of their first four games in the [league 8].

The new signings, [player 1572] and [player 1249], started the season in great form and were combining excellently. However, soon the decline began. With a [team 8] icon as their head coach, the fans took no time reacting to the declining performances and results.

From October to December, [team 13] lost 7 out of 11 Premier League games with a single win against [team 19]. In this terrible run, they also lost the Merseyside Derby 4-1 at home. That was pretty much the moment everyone knew Rafa’s tenure was close to its end.

The club sacked Benitez after a 2-1 defeat in the hands of relegation rivals [team 33]. A Premier League legend, [coach 95] was hired by Everton, which came as a surprising decision. In a relegation battler, a lack of experience is not a great thing to have.

His first game was an [league 24] win against [team 236], followed by a defeat in the League away at [team 20]. Following the game against Newcastle, He booked his first win as an Everton manager beating [team 71] 3-0 in the process.

The following results were extremely inconsistent, consisting of too many defeats and a few wins. Their form away from home was getting worse every time they played an away game.

Everton’s remaining fixtures

On the back of losing a Merseyside Derby at Anfield, Lampard’s side prepares to face [team 18] at the Goodison. The following week, they face [team 42] at the King Power. The next two games are unlikely sources for Everton to get much from.

There was a lot of heart and spirit in the game against Liverpool, which was the only positive to take away from the defeat. If they show that energy level in their remaining games, they could end up outside the drop zone.

It’s after the Leicester game where a run of favourable fixtures begins. They go to the Vicarage Road to face [team 25], with [coach 4592176]’s side struggling to pick up points. However, that game will be the last chance of completing an unlikely miracle for Watford. That makes it harder for Everton, but the toffees have better players in their squad. Their away form doesn’t encourage at all, but that’s what it will take to survive in the big League.

Everton then have two consecutive games at home against two mid-table sides. First, they will face Brentford. A side that has impressed everyone with their performances this season under [coach 24427744]. Next will be [coach 460451]’s impressive [team 51] side, who have shocked a lot of people this season. Out of the three games against Watford, Brentford and Palace, Lampard should at least get seven points.

The last game of the season will be against Arsenal, who could be fighting for a top-four spot on the final day of the season. As a result, [coach 307] will put out his strongest eleven to get a result.

The only challenger against Everton in this race for the 17th spot are [team 27]. The clarets sacked [coach 455461] a few weeks ago and have got a few good results under the new interim boss. They sit just outside the relegation zone, two points above Everton, but they have played a game more than Lampard’s side. That in itself is a lifeline for the toffees.

However, Burnley do have a much better momentum than Everton, which plays a huge role in relegation battles.

It does not look great for Everton, but they have an advantage as a game in hand is a huge bonus during this time of the season. It would be an absolute shame for Everton to go down after spending so much money but looking at the current situation, the likeliness of it happening is high.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The club’s form under Lampard has not improved at all and with a handful of fixtures remaining, the club’s top-flight status is in jeopardy.

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