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Who should Manchester United sign for the left-back position?

[player 955] showed great character to get back after the horrific injury he suffered. Still, his pace and also his overall ability look short. Maybe a good quality competition would help his progress, and [team 14] themselves need a player who can provide more than Luke Shaw

There are quite so many players in the market for this position. The interesting factor is that some big teams around Manchester United are looking for top-quality players in the same position. [team 9]’s search for a proven left-back continues. Meanwhile, [team 18] are looking for very much the same. [team 8] are also in the market as their search for a cover left-back for [player 1078] goes on. 


There are many options but which one would be the best?

[player 1601], [player 188444], [player 129725], [player 130177], [player 32339], and [player 186797] are the players who are heavily followed by those big clubs. From these, Ben Chilwell looks the best option because of his success in the [league 8]. However, his colossal price tag can be a barrier for United to lure him to Manchester.

Manchester United came close to sign Alex Sandro from [team 625] a few years ago. But that deal never happened. Now, with Brazilian nearing his thirties, United should look for younger options around Europe. Lucas Hernandez is reportedly considering leaving [team 503]. The Frenchmen is an outstanding left-back, but his attacking prowess has been questioned on many occasions. More importantly, his pace is not as good as some of the other names which are mentioned. 

Phillip Max has been an excellent player for [team 90] for a good amount of years. His versatility is a worthy asset, as well. Technically very good, the German’s crossing is his primary weapon from the left side. He might be a good option for United from both economic and quality perspectives. 

However, after our analysis, we have concluded that Alex Tellas would be the best option for Manchester United. Alex Telles is an excellent attacking full-back known for his directness while coming forward. For a full back, entering into double figures in goals is unique. The Brazilian scored eleven goals in the [league 462] this season. Besides, Telles also recorded eight assists. He also completed more than a tackle per 90. 

So with all the stats and his excelling performances, Alex Tells could be an exceptional long-term player for Manchester United. 

The attacking areas are looking in good shape. But is now the time Manchester United should start to look in some other crucial positions?

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