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Who should Leicester sign to replace Chilwell?

[team 18] have announced the signing of [player 1601]. A player who was excellent for [team 42] last season. The 23-year-old was a crucial part of [coach 896460]’s outstanding side. He scored three goals in 27 appearances and also recorded three assists last season. His pace was one of Leicester’s primary weapon from the left side. However, now is the time for the club to recruit a player with similar attributes. 

How many options do they have? 

There are a few players in the market for this position. [team 652]’s [player 130177] would be a great signing, but his enormous price tag could be a barrier. [team 625]’s [player 129725] could be another good choice for Leicester. [team 90]’s [player 32339] is one of Europe’s most exciting full-back. His price tag would also be more economical than other options.

[team 708]’s [62337] is also linked with a move to the foxes. However, his overall attributes are quite different from what Brendan Rodgers would want. Also, the fact that Castagne is a right-footed player makes it more unlikely. 

Who would be the perfect fit?

However, after analyzing every player, we have concluded that [team 629]’s [player 188444] would be the perfect fit. The 27-year-old is an excellent left-back known for his electric pace and tremendous work rate. Before Chelsea decided to sign Chilwell, Tagliafico was one of their primary targets. The likes of [team 14] and [team 9] are also following him swiftly.

Last season in the [league 72], Tagliafico scored three goals and assisted four goals in 24 appearances from a deep position. He is one of the most significant pieces in [coach 456113]’s attacking side. He recorded a passing accuracy of 86% last season. Tagliafico also recorded an excellent 80% accuracy in the opposition half. 

Out of possession, the Argentine is reliable and calm. He registered 1.7 interceptions per game. Tagliafico also completed a spectacular 2.5 tackles per 90. Overall, it looks clear that he would be an excellent signing for the foxes. However, the question now is can Leicester win the race for the highly popular full-back.

Chilwell is now officially a Chelsea player, and Leicester are in desperate search of a quality left-back who consists of similar attributes to Ben Chilwell.

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