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Which tactic would be the best for Man United to beat Liverpool?

The game which neutrals love the most regardless of the table and the club’s situation. This is the type of game where form goes out of the window. The feeling of winning gets that little bit sweeter as well. A rivalry that defines English football’s history and its potential future as second-place [team 14] visit Anfield to face league leaders and champions [team 8].

After a pretty bad start to the season, the red devils have gained a scary pace. Beyond everyone’s expectations, they are challenging Liverpool for the [league 8] title. [player 129602]’s form in this fantastic run has been influential all the way, and against Liverpool, it has to continue.

Coming into this game, Liverpool have hit a rough patch after their late win against [team 8]. After earning three points against [coach 455375]’s men, the reds have lost all the rhythm and since have dropped points against [team 10], and [team 20] in draws followed by a defeat at [team 65]. A significant reason behind this has been their defensive issues with injuries to [player 1743], [player 1453], and [player 1920]. With Liverpool winless in their last three, this might be the clash where they get themselves back on track physically but, more importantly, mentally.

Manchester United are high in confidence coming into this big game. [coach 524307]’s side are unbeaten in eleven games since losing to [team 19] in November 2020. Almost every player has stepped up, and there has been a significant improvement in this young side’s mentality. In a lot of those games, United have won coming from behind, which signifies their strong mentality and tactical growth under Solskjær.

Liverpool’s major weakness!

With [coach 455353]’s side losing key defenders to injuries, it’s quite clear that Liverpool’s major weakness is stopping goals. However, that’s quite an understatement as not only Liverpool have leaked silly goals. It has also taken away the horizontal attacks through [player 1078] and [player 1917] as the duo has to stay behind to protect the backline. With this, the front three are all on their own and have gotten outnumbered many times.

With those injuries, Liverpool have not only lost the defensive solidity but have also lost their creativity and power going forward. Along with this, Liverpool have also lost the aerial prowess from set-pieces as well as other situations like long balls.

With [player 96099] stepping into defense, Liverpool have lost the midfield shield that he provided when the full-backs joined the attacks. [player 323] was played at the back against Southampton, and it’s apparent in one game that it’s not his cup of tea. [player 1494396] or [player 4545525] is a better partner for Fabinho. Also, Henderson should be moved back to his natural position.

How should Man United play to get an iconic win?

As mentioned, Liverpool’s defensive issues are perfect for United as they are at their when counter-attacking. However, if they try to play out in possession, then Liverpool’s gegenpressing can trouble United big time. [player 205411] and [player 455376] can be caught with their back to goal while playing out, which will be the trigger for Klopp’s pressing.

So what is the best way for United to progress the ball and beat the press in the process? It might be old school and not easy on the eye, but route one strategy can work against this Liverpool side. Manchester United’s [player 96088] is brilliant in the air, and whoever will partner Fabinho will be the potential target. Nat Phillips is strong in the air but to beat Cavani will be quite a task. If United manage to win the first ball with a flick or anything, then all the advancing midfielders are capable of destroying Liverpool’s backline. [player 1878]’s pace and Fernandes’s vision will be vital while counter-attacking along with the late runs from McTominay. [player 1992] might play as well, but with him, United will lose the solidity out of possession. He might play as a substitute when a lot of those Liverpool’s legs start to slow down.

United themselves are vulnerable defensively, so they will have to stay focused. Otherwise, the runs from [player 4125] and [player 1389] will get United in a problem. [player 955] and [player 5252] will have to be cautious with their offensive runs. They might leave awful space for Liverpool’s wide men in the process. Whoever plays as the defensive midfielder will have to keep an eye on [player 1461]’s false nine movements as well. However, if the away side play route one style, they might get those points and a memorable win at Anfield.

We have btts forebet at 64.03% without a value bet, and our gut feeling says the opposite might come true. Let’s see how this game pans out as fans look ready for an eagerly-awaited clash with the added significance of the Premier League title.

With Anfield set to host a title six-pointer, let’s look at a few details and some possible weaknesses in the champions

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